We are certified contractors using the latest under bridge rigging and traffic control technologies in over 30 states.

Bridge Rigging Equipment

At All Access Rigging Company, we take pride in providing our clients with state-of-the-art, safe and efficient bridge rigging equipment to access the most challenging projects.

Rigging equipment used for underbridge repair

UBIU (Under Bridge Inspection Units)

  • A-62/A-62T
  • B-32
  • Bucket trucks
  • Manlifts
  • UB Platforms


  • Engineered Rigging
  • Catenary Scaffolds
  • Skyclimbers
  • Motorized Bosun Chairs
  • Dependable and Secure Cable Hand and Safety Lines

M.P.T. (Maintenance Protection Traffic)

  • Shadow trucks (TMA's)
  • Cone Trucks
  • Arrow Boards
  • Signs
  • Barrels/Barricades
  • ATSSA Certified Instructors

Safety Boats

  • Provide Driver Training/Certification
  • CPR Certification

We have the proper equipment and the skilled craftsmen behind it to afford our customers secure and productive access to a variety of bridge projects, including: surface deck overlays and repairs, full bridge maintenance, repair and development, steel and concrete structure repairs, sealing, and bridge and tunnel washing.